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The benefits of dynamic lighting in hydroponic lettuce production

Sollum Technologies dynamic LED grow light solution improves the appearance, health, and texture of hydroponic lettuce.

Explore the benefits of growing strawberries with Sollum’s LED grow light solution

Seamless transition to a more profitable crop thanks to dynamic lighting

Prism Farms partnered with Sollum Technologies in 2022 to install a dynamic LED grow light solution in its newly built greenhouse for fall planting.

Allegro Acres Chapter 3: A Season in Review

As the first growing season with Allegro Acres comes to a close, major successes, lessons learned, and next steps are reflected upon and big picture objectives related to sustainability and climate change are discussed.

Lighting up the next generation of biostimulants

For companies like Ulysse Biotech, conducting robust research is the key to success. To test and develop their suite of organic biostimulants, they rely on Sollum’s smart LED lighting solution to control variables with high precision and replicate a large variety of lighting conditions.

Allegro Acres Chapter 2: The science behind growing quality winter peppers at scale

The next chapter with Allegro Acres delves deeper into the science behind our technology and answers such questions as: How does manipulating light spectra affect growth? Why is programmability so important?

Allegro Acres chapter 1: A Canadian first in winter-produced greenhouse peppers

Sollum Technologies partners with Allegro Acres and the Harrow Research Institute to produce the first large-scale commercial greenhouse peppers during a Canadian winter.

Pioneer Seeking Japanese Sun

Laval, Québec, is the site of an ambitious business venture. Sollum’s fully programmable lighting solution helps Vyckie Vaillancourt recreate Japan’s sunlight cycle to grow exotic citrus trees on her family farm.

Cultivators: Destination Moon

Sollum’s programmable lighting solution was chosen for an out-of-this-world hydroponic production system. La Boîte Maraîchère, a company in Laval (Québec) repurposing storage containers for controlled agriculture and uses our dynamic and programmable lighting to drive their research as they collaborate with the Canadian Space Agency and NASA.