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Allegro Acres chapter 1: A Canadian first in winter-produced greenhouse peppers
Sollum Technologies partners with Allegro Acres and the Harrow Research Institute to produce the first large-scale commercial greenhouse peppers during a Canadian winter.

Sollum Technologies enables multi-crop studies
The versatility of Sollum's technology enables a vast range of study designs for multi-crop research.


Exotic citrus


Pioneer Seeking Japanese Sun
Laval, Québec, is the site of an ambitious business venture. Sollum’s fully programmable lighting solution helps Vyckie Vaillancourt recreate Japan’s sunlight cycle to grow exotic citrus trees on her family farm.



Shipping container

Cultivators: Destination Moon
Sollum’s programmable lighting solution was chosen for an out-of-this-world hydroponic production system. La Boîte Maraîchère, a company in Laval (Québec) repurposing storage containers for controlled agriculture and uses our dynamic and programmable lighting to drive their research as they collaborate with the Canadian Space Agency and NASA.
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Grow any produce, at any time, regardless of the location of your greenhouse, and generate revenue all year long. Take advantage of energy savings of over 40%** and productivity efficiencies of up to 40%*.

* Compared to LED / ** Compared to HPS

Sollum's SUN as a Service cloud platform allows users to easily drag and drop recipes in each of a greenhouse's zones. The drag and drop tool was great for visualizing the greenhouse layout so that managing lighting zones was quick and seamless.
Mike Ross
Allegro Acres' LED project manager
Sollum Technologies' lighting solution makes it easier for us to supply culinary artists with extraordinary vegetables. Our seedlings grow faster, are more beautiful, taste better and, importantly, retain their quality for a much longer time.
Bob Jones Jr.
CEO, The Chef’s Garden

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