Frequently Asked Questions

I have a greenhouse at home, how many fixtures do I need?

Our solution is designed for companies that have larger-scale facilities. For configuration, sizing and productivity reasons, they are not available to individual consumers.

If I have a pre-established personalized light recipe, why should I modulate the light from my computer or smartphone in the course of production?

Sollum’s solution enables the modulation of the sun’s natural light and makes the cultivation of all produce possible, irrespective of their origin and the location of the greenhouse. The fixture adapts its light intensity according to ambient light in real time. With the support of Sollum’s team, greenhouse producers establish a basic recipe before the start of production. They can elect to modify their recipe or temporarily adapt luminosity to improve quality and productivity on the basis of growth-related observations over the years.

Can I use the platform on a tablet? You only mention the computer or smartphone.

Of course. We’ve noticed that most of our clients use the computer or smartphone, but given that tablets are mobile connected devices, they can also serve as the interface for the management of our solution.

Does the fixture work with other software or without software?

The fixture and the software are designed to work hand-in-hand in order to generate optimal benefits for our clients. If you use a different software or no software at all, your installation won’t benefit from the exceptional light modulation capabilities of Sollum’s fixture. However, the SUN as a Service platform uses open source architecture which enables it to interface and interact with other greenhouse management systems.

Do you provide training for the SUN as a Service application?

We’re there for our clients through every stage of the preparation and installation of their greenhouse lighting and beyond. You will be trained in the solution’s management and we will always be available to answer your questions.

Where are your clients located?

Our clients operate in Canada and the USA at the moment.

What differentiates you from others?

Our solution recreates the native light from any region in the world with unparalleled precision, which greatly increases production possibilities for greenhouse producers. It also benefits any controlled environment, like livestock or laboratories. Contrary to fixed spectrum lighting systems, our solution can adapt to your observations or apply the most recent scientific findings in plant lighting.

Why do you charge a monthly subscription fee for your platform?

Our software is what drives the productivity increases and energy savings our solution generates. The platform serves as a control center that offers all of the management, planning and monitoring functions of your smart lighting system. Moreover, it enables users to customize, adjust and reiterate light recipes as produce moves through different growth cycles and incoming fixture data points to new insights. Finally, we work around the clock to improve functionalities and user interface and make our software as user-friendly as possible. The monthly subscription gives you the benefits of continuous updates.

Are there other applications for your smart lighting solution?

Early pilot projects suggest that our solution provides considerable value-added for laboratories, livestock breeding and production and Human Centric Lighting, which benefit from personalized high quality lighting.

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