A unique technology, inspired by nature.

Sollum's team developed the only smart LED lighting solution that recreates, perfects and modulates the full spectrum of the Sun's natural light in order to grow fruits or vegetables in greenhouses anywhere in the world, regardless of their native region.


100% programmable LED

The disruptive technology of Sollum’s fixtures breaks the mold by affording greenhouse producers a world of possibilities through the capacity to dynamically recreate, perfect and modulate the full spectrum of the sun’s natural light with 99% accuracy.

Our fixtures offer the convenience of a real time and remote centralized command-and-control platform for the IoT (Internet of things). Not only that, producers get the peace of mind of automated fixture monitoring and pre-emptive auto-calibration.

Practically speaking, we think of the configuration of our lighting solution the same way a telecommunications network is set up: a topology of thousands of interconnected devices illuminating hundreds of hectares, from sunrise to sunset.

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SUN as a Service®

Our software is the nerve center of our smart lighting solution. The SUN as a Service platform serves as a hub for the services our technology provides: it aggregates and compiles the data collected in the greenhouse by our fixtures and their sensors. Its algorithms process and analyze the incoming information in order to command, control and adapt fixture parameters based on each greenhouse growers’ specific criteria and the ambient light, and automatically monitors and calibrates each fixture’s condition. This is what we mean by “smart lighting solution.”

These functionalities enable growers to design an infinite number of customized, produce-specific light recipes to optimize productivity and produce quality. And as growers experience the technology in their greenhouses over time, they can adapt their recipes based on their observations and the large pool of data generated by the software.

As we continue to develop and perfect our solution by consistently looking for a better way to cultivate fresh produce, Sollum is committed to sharing all software updates for our clients’ benefit.


Our team is dedicated to making the job of greenhouse growers easier. That’s why we collaborate with them in all aspects of our solution’s deployment and operation.

Our goal is to move beyond supporting our partners with a high-tech lighting system; we want to help them make their business more productive and more sustainable. We will be right by their side at every step of the process: from our first conversations about how our solution can help them, all the way through their first harvests and beyond.

Working closely with our clients is as much part of our solution as the fixtures or software.

Client benefits

Up to 40%*Productivity increase

Over 30%**Energy savings

ResiliencyLonger produce
shelf life

* Compared to LED / ** Compared to HPS

Why Sollum?

For sustainability

  • Reduced losses across the full supply chain
  • Reduced consumption of water, energy and chemicals
  • Support of local and ethical agriculture all over the world

For greenhouse growers

  • Easy maintenance and quadrupled fixture lifespan*
  • SUN as a Service™ application modulates light recipes in real time

* Compared to HPS technology

For consumers

  • Better produce taste and appearance
  • Longer produce shelf life
  • Enhanced food autonomy

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Case studies

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The cultivation of unusual produce like the Japanese lemon in Québec is made possible thanks to the accurate reproduction of its native environment's sunlight cycle.

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Growing fruits and vegetables in shipping containers may lead to Sollum’s technology feeding the moon’s first settlers?

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