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The science behind our technology.

The previous white paper focused on seasonal and daily changes to light quality (i.e., spectrum) and quantity (i.e., intensity and photoperiod), which significantly impact plant growth and development. While the impact of light quantity may appear more obvious, that of light quality is more abstract due to the nanoscopic nature of light. With light quantity, we can easily discern whether light is more intense and whether the day is longer or shorter.
As climate change threatens the concept of traditional growing seasons and as communities push for more local agriculture, the idea of being able to de-seasonalize production offers increased productivity and opportunities for greenhouse growers. To fully grasp how Sollum Technologies’ solution can effectively support this transition, we must better understand how natural light changes seasonally and why this variation affects plant growth.
Daylight distinguishes itself by its daily and seasonal nuances, in which nature moves cyclically from sunrise to sunset. Sunlight’s varied gamut of transformations majestically imposes its cadence to terrestrial activity. Inspired by the synergy between living beings and natural light, Sollum Technologies created the only lighting solution that can recreate and modulate the full spectrum of natural light in all of its complexity.
Over the years, the consumer has become more demanding. Indeed, he is faithful to his habit of consuming a certain range of food products. However, population growth, loss of arable land and climate change complicate the task of producers and affect their ability to meet demand. Sollum Technologies, a pioneer in smart lighting solutions, is revolutionizing the industry by creating natural light recipes that can increase the volume and variety of greenhouse production and deliver it to consumers year-around.
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