We guarantee that our LED technology provides beautiful adjustable white lighting imitating perfectly natural light.

Say goodbye to pallid neons or to tinted blue light usually provided by LED or to the yellows of sodium lighting.


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The lighting solutions created to generate light that recreates natural light generated by the Sun. Because we can modulate the light, the fixture could also be used in greenhouses, where it could reproduce light resembling springtime, summer, autumn or winter, rotating on a cycle, or even to mimic morning, noon or evening light modes



Our technology allows to reach the best color rendering index (CRI) that among the highest recorded. See the colors appear under the sun at noon. The lighted object will be shown as good as outside. Colorimetry is the science used to describe how the colour accuracy of an observed object is directly dependent on the light in which it appears. If you look at an object in the sunlight, at noontime, during a beautiful summer day, you will get a colour rendering index (CRI) very close to 100, which is the optimal result. See the colors of the objects as they originally create it.


CCT 1 500K TO 10 000K

The ability to precisely adjust the spectrum makes our product unique. Precisely, the SOLLUM’ luminaire can set from the hottest to coolest white color temperatures at perfection. The user can now control the temperature of the desired white and set as he wants.



As it emits no harmful rays (no ultraviolet and no infrared), it is very appealing for many different applications, namely in the arts field. The technology allows not only to preserve artwork from the harmful rays of natural light, but also to exhibit them for a longer period of time, to the delight of art lovers. The solution is unique, groundbreaking, and meets the highest expectations in artwork lighting management.

Our lighting technology is adaptable to different industries and applications

The sunlight has always been used for agriculture.

Optimization of the different photosynthesis systems (e.g. 1 & 2) by using natural light including all useful wavelengths and results to superior production quality.

  1. Capability to recreate sunrise and sunset that will reduce stress on the plant. The light can be opened and closed gradually. Our systems completely matches the progression of the daylight. Spectrum and intensity can be changed by the progression of the day. As we can modulate the light, the device can also be used in greenhouses where it would replicate the light of spring, summer, autumn or winter cyclically or get simulate the morning, noon or evening lighting.
  2. By using full sun light spectrum, you need 35% less luminous flux(lux) for an equivalent photosynthetic photon flux density(PPF in μmol)
  1. The natural light spectrum is matched up to 99% within an error from 1% to 2%
  2. Naturally, every kind of plants have different needs. By flexibility of manual fine tuning of spectrum and modulations, you can give way to vegetables-fruits varieties’ lighting necessities. Respect every stages of the plant growth.
  3. Reduction in electric consumption by lighting up to 85%.This lighting source lifetime is up to 70 000 hours (up to 10 times longer that other growing light sources)
  4. An increasing production of vegetables – fruits up to 30%
  5. The spot beam diffusion can be set from 1° to 120°. As it can be adjusted, it results to a narrow to very large lighted area
  6. The housing dimensions are 15 cm x 10 cm X 10 cm
Innovation is finally at the service of fine art conservation. Our light completely dedicated for museum applications.

Saving up to 15% of total operating annual expenses for museum

  1. Decreased the time and need of restoration of fine art
  2. lncrease time and the period of the exposition
Judiciously illuminated works of art presents several problems

  1. Degradation and alteration of works exposed to harmful agents(heat,ultraviolet and infrared rays)
  2. Constraints relating to the level of lighting
  3. Variable quality of the lighting(haloe ffect, centering, balancing beam, intensity, colourtuning.
  4. Problematic adaptation of lights to support systems or existing mounts (complex installationor requiringmajor retrofitting)
  5. Excessive visibility of projectors in the museum space and nuisances related to sound
  6. Restrictions related to the respect of existing conservation standards


A considerable asset, given that 20% of the global electricity on earth is used for lighting purposes. SOLLUM LED technologies consume up to 15 times less energy than anything on the market. Our lights emit very little heat and is therefore very efficient as to the consumption of energy.

• Optimize consumption of energy
• Cut costs up to 85% on lighting energy bill
• High ROI


lt is possible to manufacture the sunlight to almost 100% at the time and place we desire. This is a great solution for humans, animais and organisms living in environments where natural light is deficit.

• Working environments mines, factories, office tower
• Northern regions growing fruits and vegetables
• Animal living environments zoo, vets, stables


The life span can reach 40 000 hours, against 2 000 hours for the best halogen light or against 6 000 hours for High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps. LED has up to 8 years or life du ration. Ali these facts equal to

• Less maintenance time
• Less expenses due to operating cost
• Gain of functionnality and peace of mind


Natural lighting similar to the sun.
Light which contains no harmful ultraviolet or infrared rays.
Constant spectral quality
Simple to control, multidirectional and adjustable optical angle.
Adaptability of the light to different types of supports and installations.
Small sized light.
Flexibility for a short range or a long range lighting.
Silent sound mechanism.
Respect for current conservation standards.
Long life source of lighting offering a significant economic and electrical energy savings.

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SOLLUM has for mission the goal of offering high quality lighting solutions destined for specific lighting applications which provides multiple advantages for its users. The company offers innovative products satisfying the needs of clients from multiple industries. With the formation of a highly qualified team of individuals, we desire to reinforce our presence in the area of specialized lighting solutions in order to offer solutions adapted to the evolving needs of our clients. The company offers lighting solutions which have up until now been nonexistent to the market requiring specific illumination.