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Sollum’s LED Grow Light Solution

Unique multi-zone dynamic lighting

Hand Bulb@4x - green

light fixtures

AI-powered grow light fixtures reproducing the full spectrum of the Sun’s natural light.


SUNaaS platform

Cloud-based, simple drag-and-drop user interface for recipe and multi-zone light management.
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smart support

Installation, maintenance and recipe support from planting to harvest.

Why Sollum

Extend your growing season

Our LED grow light solution is a game changer for crop scheduling. With the ability to replicate the full spectrum of the Sun’s natural light, you can knock down seasonal barriers and get the most out of your greenhouse production.


Dynamic and future-proof

To us, a durable solution is one that stands the test of time. Not only do we design software and hardware that lasts, but our LED lighting solution was created to adapt to your needs as they change. Whether you want to try new crops or a different lighting strategy, our future-proof system bends so that you don’t have to.

Local and sustainable

One of our primary goals as a company is to support and encourage local sustainable agriculture anywhere in the world. Proven to increase yield, extend the growing season and reduce energy costs, our solution empowers you to better serve your local communities.

Light Years Ahead of the Competition

Our cleantech smart LED lighting solution promotes the development of
more diverse, sustainable, and local food production year-round – anywhere in the world.


Grow any produce, at any time, regardless of the location of your greenhouse, and generate revenue all year long. Take advantage of energy savings of over 40%** and productivity efficiencies of up to 40%*.

* Compared to LED / ** Compared to HPS

"We made the bold move by starting with the cultivation of several varieties of red, yellow and orange bell peppers during the winter on 4 acres of greenhouses by using the most innovative LED technology available on the market. This had never been accomplished with peppers on such a scale, anywhere."
Gene Ingratta
President of Allegro Acres inc.
Sollum Technologies' lighting solution makes it easier for us to supply culinary artists with extraordinary vegetables. Our seedlings grow faster, are more beautiful, taste better and, importantly, retain their quality for a much longer time.
Bob Jones Jr.
CEO, The Chef’s Garden


Unmatched grow light solution

LED Light Fixtures


    High efficiency

    Up to 3.0 Umol/J


    Full spectrum coverage

    From 400 to 800nm

    Robust communication protocol

SUN as a Service® Platform (SUNaaS)


    Real-time control

    Of an unlimited number of fixtures


    Evolutive and secure SaaS platform

    For effective and flexible light management


    Ongoing light and system monitoring

    At your fingertips

Case studies

Grow any Produce, Anytime, Anywhere

Explore the benefits of growing strawberries with Sollum’s LED grow light solution




Seamless transition to a more profitable crop thanks to dynamic lighting




Prism Farms partnered with Sollum Technologies in 2022 to install a dynamic LED grow light solution in its newly built greenhouse for fall planting.
Custom-fit lights for custom-grown veggies





For decades, the Chef’s Garden in Ohio has fostered a reputation for growing quality produce that meets the highest culinary standards. To keep up with demand from top chefs, the Chef’s Garden partners with Sollum and finds that dynamic lighting improves not only yield but crop flavour as well.