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A stroke of genius!

While they were students at the École de technologie supérieure in Montréal, François Roy-Moisan, Gabriel Dupras and Jacques Poirier developed Sollum’s unique technology. It all started when they put together a lighting system designed for painting restoration. Their solution could recreate the light of the time at which the piece was painted so that its appearance was as close to the original coloring as possible, all the while protecting it from discoloration.

A family member had the idea of using it to grow produce in a controlled environment, and the results were immediate. No doubt about it, culture played a preponderant role in the genesis of our company!

Accelerating Growth

  • September 2014 François, Gabriel and Jacques meet
  • January 2015 Sollum Technologies is born
  • April 2016 Sollum is incubated at Centech
  • June 2016 Louis Brun takes on the leadership of Sollum
  • September 2017 First round of financing closed
  • December 2018 Old Montréal office opening
  • May 2020 Second round of financing closed
  • June 2020 Grant from Sustainable Development Technology Canada
  • October 2020 Sollum closes a series of financings for more than CDN 12M$ with the support of Technoclimat

Illuminating the present

Inspired by nature, Sollum Technologies offers greenhouse producers the only smart LED lighting solution that dynamically recreates, perfects and modulates the full spectrum of the sun’s natural light. We work closely with our clients to create recipes adapted to every produce’s growth cycle, regardless of its native climate in the world and the location of their greenhouse.

We thereby provide unparalleled value in terms of energy savings, productivity, and superior produce quality through a flexible, evolving and easy-to-use application - with great respect for the environment.

Our solution

Feeding the future

Sollum Technologies aspires to improve quality, productivity and well-being thanks to the most complete and user-friendly smart lighting solution. We aim to maintain our advantage by further developing it in order to continue to offer our clients customized and optimally modulated lighting in light of the latest scientific research.

In the words of Louis Brun

Respecting our ecosystem


Keep the aspirations of our clients, partners, colleagues and Sollum at the forefront of our mind by exemplifying openness, agility, empathy and unity.


Grow our client’s business by leveraging our shared entrepreneurial values and by drawing inspiration from nature, the latest scientific developments in the study of light and our respective objectives for growth and quality.

Ahead of the curve

Maintain our technological lead and the advantages it provides in terms of quality, the growth of local production and resource conservation.

Our founders

Louis Brun

Co-founder, President & CEO

Louis rallies project stakeholders around a shared vision to successfully commercialize technological innovation.

A serial entrepreneur, Sollum is the fourth technology startup Louis invested in. His last project, Neuralitic, entered the Canadian, American, European and Asian markets before it was acquired by Guavus. This unique experience, coupled with extensive international experience with Ericsson and Invidex, ranges from product strategy and market entry to financing. Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Laval University, he completed actuary studies and the MIT entrepreneurship program.

François Roy-Moisan

Co-founder and CTO

With Sollum, François envisions local fruit and vegetable production with the aim of protecting the environment from the effects of transportation, among other things.

Over the course of his professional career, François developed extensive expertise in photonics and electronics, more specifically in prototype development and digital acquisition systems. He also contributed to the research and development of infrared cameras for space. Holder of a Master’s degree in electrical engineering, François has worked in both SMEs and large companies, and in research at INO, INRS and ÉTS.

Gabriel Dupras

Co-founder and Vice President of Research and Development

Gabriel continues to collaborate with François to ensure Sollum’s long-term future by protecting the intellectual property of their innovations.

Gabriel worked at the Aerospace Research Center for over 5 years and developed numerous electrical and mechanical simulators at CAE. He was also research assistant to the Canadian Chair of research on hybrid optoelectronic materials and components. The holder of a Bachelor’s in electronics from ÉTS, he is currently completing his Master’s on the longevity of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). At Sollum, he is also responsible for intellectual property.

Jacques Poirier

Co-founder and Chief Systems Architect

Jacques ensures that the different components of Sollum’s solution are well integrated and operate cohesively.

Jacques was systems architect in Research and Development at VibroSystM inc. for 8 years, where he was responsible for the inception and implementation of surveillance systems for industrial rotating machines. Prior to then, he served as research assistant and research technician at Hydro-Québec’s technical innovation research division. Jacques has significant technical expertise in electronics, photonics, nanotechnology and material resistance, and a deep understanding of digital signal processing analysis. He holds a university degree in electrical engineering from ÉTS.

Awards and Certifications / Labels

  • 2016 Centech's Most Promising Company Award - École de Technologie supérieure (ÉTS), Montréal
  • 2016 Foundation de Gaspé Beaubien award - Jury's choice
  • 2017 Défi OSEntreprendre - Druide’s Grand Prize for Entrepreneurship
  • 2017 Défi OSEntreprendre – Technological and Technical Innovations (1st prize at the regional level, 2nd prize at the national level)
  • 2017 Défi PME-MTL - Coup de coeur Druide Award
  • 2018 Centech - Propulsion Program
  • 2018 BDC Entrepreneurship Award
  • 2018 Canada's Technology Fast 50 Program - Deloitte - Coup de cœur award
  • 2020 Sollum awarded the "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution" label
  • 2021 Sollum wins Sapphire Award for horticultural lighting



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