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We set the standard
in dynamic LED grow lights

We set the standard in dynamic LED
grow lights

The smartest choice is getting
even smarter

Since the beginning, we have set an unequaled standard in LED grow lights. Sollum’s technology is the only one that is 100% dynamic, which makes it 100% smarter.

So why make the best
even better?

We’ve been speaking with you, the producers, for a while now. We believe we have a better understanding of what you value and what you need in terms of lighting solutions. This is why we launched family of grow lights; still delivering the smartest LED technology and unique Sollum benefits.

Introducing our extended family of 100% dynamic grow lights!
See which one is best to fit your business.

The SF-ONE is the ideal grow light for producers operating large greenhouses, bringing to market high volumes of produce at the best price, and valuing technology that is simple but effective.


If you’re among these producers, you know that controlling costs – especially energy costs – is crucial, today more than ever. As part of the most versatile dynamic solution on the market, Sollum fixtures maximize energy efficiency without the hassle of monitoring your lighting 24/7.

Today, technology is evolving rapidly to match consumer tastes and preferences as they get more sophisticated.

The SF-PRO is for you if you like to keep up to date on the latest trends, capitalizing on innovative and pragmatic technological solutions to improve your business in an ever-changing consumer landscape. Like the consumers you cater to, you balance costs, produce quality and overall sustainability with the growth and efficiency of your business in mind.

Are you catering to the most discerning customers who demand the highest produce quality without compromise? Are you among those who grow fruits, vegetables or ornamentals with the care and precision of a chef?


Then you need the ultimate flexibility from your grow ligths to adjust and fine-tune spectra and intensity for optimal crop characteristics. Sollum’s unique SF-MAX is the only product for your business.



Benefits for
your business


*up to

Increased productivity



Maintenance cost reduced

* Compared to LED / ** Compared to HPS

Better taste, appearance, and longer shelf life




Energy savings

Sollum's benefits don't end there

Did you know that only Sollum’s fixtures pair with the SUN as a Service® (SUNaaS) cloud platform? With the fully programmabale SUNaaS AI-powered platform, greenhouse producers benefit from the most future-proof solution on the market.

Future-proof, how?

Our grow lights are programmed once installed in your greenhouse, not at the factory. This means that if you plan on switching crops entirely, want to change your lighting strategy, or want to add a new lighting zone to your greenhouse, you can create a different light recipe from your computer or choose one from our growing playbook.

The possibilities for recipes and multi-zoning are limitless and don’t require purchasing new lights.

And what about data?

Great question! Today’s world revolves around data.

Thanks to the sensors in each fixture. the SUNaaS platform tracks, for any point in time, the actual amount of light received by plants from all available sources. This feature is fundamental to the automatic dimming and spectral compensation of the fixtures used to maintain the accurate light recipe in real time.

Setting the standard
in support

Why is Sollum’s SUNaaS cloud platform the most sophisticated horticultural light management platform available? Thanks to advanced capabilities, SUNaaS monitors your lights 24/7 to calibrate fixtures and track fixture health.

It’s the only platform that offers fully dynamic lighting in terms of both spectrum and intensity. Alerts enable our team to adjust and fix issues remotely – if necessary – or conduct software-related preventive maintenance. And when you call for support, our team can adjust your recipe or lighting strategy on the spot.

No matter which fixture you choose, you will benefit from the same great support from our team of agronomists, engineers, technicians and a chief horticultural specialist, who can provide guidance during the introduction of Sollum’s technology in your operations.

Our lights adjust to your business
not the other way around.

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Unlimited lighting zones, each with their own light recipe and each fully programmable to make adjustments in real-time as your crops grow.

Sollum grow lights reproduce the Sun’s natural spectra and intensity with unequaled precision.

They’re the only ones that are 100% dynamic, enabling unlimited light recipes to grow any crop, anywhere.

Sensors in the fixtures modify the spetra and intensity when ambient light changes, in order to match the light recipe.


No need for you to intervene.

Your crop.
Your business.
Your way.


The SUN as a Service cloud platform means that you can manage your greenhouse lighting remotely from your PC or smartphone.

You and our support team access the same data in a secure environment. This means that you can make recipe adjustments, change your lighting strategy or solve any issues remotely and with expert help readily available.

Sollum means success

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