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LED grow light solution.

We set the standard in LED grow lights.

No other grow light solution rivals Sollum's performance, thanks to innovation such as unmatched automatic dimming of light intensity and spectral in real time. Whether you grow specialty or mass market produce and all options in between, we have a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and fully supported LED grow light solution to fulfill your business needs.

Your journey to dynamic LED grow lights

Let's grow forward, together!

Our team works with you on your exciting journey to full spectrum dynamic LED grow lights.
From planning the most optimal installation and light recipe and throughout the growth season, we provide training, answer your questions, and help you adjust your green house lighting based on the monitoring of your crops.

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What do we mean by full spectrum dynamic lighting?

The right amount of light, all the time.

Sollum’s full spectrum dynamic lighting is a 100% programmable LED grow light solution that can recreate the Sun’s natural light intensity and spectra with unmatched precision. Our grow lights are programmed on our SUN as a Service® (SUNaaS TM)  platform to deliver the ideal light recipe, regardless of a produce’s native climate or the location of the greenhouse.

Benefit? Productivity! You can harvest sooner products that taste better and keep longer.

Explore the science behind our solution

Sam Soltaninejad
Chief Horticultural Specialist

"Sollum pioneered fully dynamic lighting. No other grow light solution offers such flexibility and benefits for greenhouse growers."

Delivering benefits with fully dynamic SUN as a Service®

You can select your light recipe from our growing library, or we can design one just for you. SUN as a Service (SUNaaS TM) will deliver not only the right spectra and intensity, but data to monitor your grow lights’ health 24/7.

And since SUNaaS enables automatic dimming in real time based on changes in ambient light, it delivers the right amount of light all the time.

Benefits? Among others, a reduction in cost! You save on energy, which also makes our solution environmentally friendly.

How our solution benefits our clients

Which fixture isright for you?


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The SF-ONE is the ideal grow light for producers operating large greenhouses, bringing to market high volumes of produce at the best price, and valuing technology that is simple but effective.

If you’re among these producers, you know that controlling costs – especially energy costs – is crucial, today more than ever.

As part of the most versatile dynamic solution on the market, Sollum fixtures maximize energy efficiency without the hassle of monitoring your lighting 24/7.


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Today, technology is evolving rapidly to match consumer tastes and preferences as they get more sophisticated.

The SF-PRO is for you if you like to keep up to date on the latest trends, capitalizing on innovative and pragmatic technological solutions to improve your business in an ever-changing consumer landscape. Like the consumers you cater to, you balance costs, produce quality and overall sustainability with the growth and efficiency of your business in mind.


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Are you catering to the most discerning customers who demand the highest produce quality without compromise? Are you among those who grow fruits, vegetables or ornamentals with the care and precision of a chef?

Then you need the ultimate flexibility from your grow ligths to adjust and fine-tune spectra and intensity for optimal crop characteristics. Sollum’s unique SF-MAX is the only product for your business.

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Sollum full spectrum LED grow lights make good business sense.
Canada / Greenhouse / Strawberries

Explore the benefits of growing strawberries with Sollum’s LED grow light solution

Greenhouse strawberry production around the world is on the rise. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of food production and are looking for alternatives to imported, chemical treated strawberries that may be harvested before peak maturity.

See the story
Sollum full spectrum LED grow lights make good business sense.
Canada / Greenhouse / Cucumbers
Prism Farms

Seamless transition to a more profitable crop thanks to dynamic lighting

Prism Farms partnered with Sollum Technologies in 2022 to install a dynamic LED grow light solution in its newly built greenhouse for fall planting.

See the story
Sollum full spectrum LED grow lights make good business sense.
USA / Greenhouse / Radishes / Lettuce
The Chef's Garden

Custom-fit lights for custom-grown veggies

For decades, the Chef’s Garden in Ohio has fostered a reputation for growing quality produce that meets the highest culinary standards. To keep up with demand from top chefs, the Chef’s Garden partners with Sollum and finds that dynamic lighting improves not only yield but crop flavour as well.

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Sollum full spectrum LED grow lights make good business sense.
Canada / Greenhouse / Peppers
Allegro Acres

Allegro Acres Chapter 3: A Season in Review

As the first growing season with Allegro Acres comes to a close, major successes, lessons learned, and next steps are reflected upon and big picture objectives related to sustainability and climate change are discussed.

See the story

" New technology can be challenging for anyone. This is why we support you and ensure that you benefit from the most efficient installation and light environment, for you to fulfil your business objectives."

Smart support

Growing forward, with you

Our team of agronomists, horticultural specialists, engineers and technicians is there for you every step of the way. What do you want to grow in your greenhouse, where and when? Engage with our team and other experts to initiate the planning of your operation.  

We'll propose a LED grow light plan complete with the right fixtures, SUN as a Service® (SUNaaS TM) cloud platform management and 24/7 on site or remote support. We’ll finalize the plan, including schedule, installation, testing and training. And our SUNaaS platform will provide data and monitor your grow lights to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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Applications of dynamic LED lighting solutions for adaptable greenhouse business models

Dynamic lighting allows growers to push the boundaries of energy efficiency

In the last white paper, the concept of dynamic lighting was introduced and four key criteria that a truly dynamic solution needs to meet were identified.

Looking to learn more about our dynamic solution?

Let’s chat and see how we can make your business grow.

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